Advanced Cosmetic Procedures


Aesthetics & Non-Surgical Procedures


TreatmentDescription  Price

Dermalux LED Phototerapy 

New light-only 'photo facial' course. Course of 12 treatments is recommended.

Combine with regular skin treatment for superior result.

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£45 per session, £450 for 10 session + 2 Free sessions

£20 per session
Skin Blemish Removal

There are many treatable skin conditions can be removed including, Skin tags, Blood spots, Cherry Angioma, Thread Veins, Telangiectasia, Spider Naevi, Milia, Sun Spot, Solar Lentigo, Seborrhoeic Keratosis/Warts, Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, Verruca, mole reduction, and Sebaceous Hyperplasia. More information
From £85
Treatment up to 15 minutes*  £85
Treatment up to 30 minutes    £125
Treatment up to 45 minutes £165
Treatment up to 60 minutes  £190
* Treatment rate for the eye areas is different. The exact cost is confirmed during the consultation.
* Mole treatment from£110
Non-surgical skin tightening & skin rejuvenation  

  • The combination of Radio Frequency lifting and electroporation technology
  • Greatly reduces fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Firms sagging skin and skin tightened
  • Reduces puffiness around the eye area
  • Help with dry or oily skin
£78  per session

£560 course of 8  (Save £64)

Chemical peeling

  • A non-invasive, gentle chemical peel.
  • The most advanced range of specific chemical peels.
  • Can be used to treat hyperpigmentation, signs of each phase of aging and aesthetic conditions such as acne, acne scarring, couperosis, rosacea, and other imperfections.
From £85
Micro-needling m.pen[pro]

Ultimate micro-needling, including every procedures in the standard treatment, with addition of using the C.Prof ampules for more targeted skin concerns.
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£180 per session - standard
£510 three session
£990 six session

£220 per session - ultimate
£630 three session
£1230 six session

Depigmentation peel Cosmelan 


Cosmelan® treatments can improve the appearance of:

·        Lentigo, Freckles or Nevus

·        Pregnancy Mask / Melasma

·        Pigmentation

·        Chloasma from UV damage

·        Birthmarks

·        Acne / scars (PIH)

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£1000 Treatment and one-month homecare regime

Eye Treatment- Global eyecon

Periocular solution by Mesoestetic. The most complete and effective solution to combat the sign of ageing and fatigue in the periocular (eye) area.

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Including 6 treatments and skincare product

Carboxytherapy - NEW

This minimally invasive treatment can offer long lasting skin improvements such as:

  • Elastin stimulation
  • Tissue tightening and brightening
  • Skin regeneration
  • Reduction of dark under-eye circles
  • Improvement in circulation
  • Improved lymphoid drainage
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  • Treat lines, wrinkles, dull dehydrated and sun damaged skin, acne scarring and congested acne skin.

  • Stimulates new collagen and elastin formation followed by an application of a specialist mask and effective finishing products to target problem areas.


Ultimate Non-surgical Facelift 

  • Successfully fights the signs of ageing whilst lifting and toning tired, sagging muscles, reducing lines and wrinkles and helping fresher appearance. A course of treatments is recommended.

Hydrate-facial Signature Treatments

  • Created and specifically designed by Tara Skin Clinic using technology and our expertise.
  • A Hydrate-facial treatment is improving the appearance of the skin and leaving it hydrated at optimum skin health.

Revitalises the skin by increasing blood circulation, improving muscle tone and firmness. A wide variety of skin problems can be addressed with this system. This is completed in a natural and harmless way.
Custom Blend Medi-Facial

Tailored to suit your skin requirements.

  • Regenerating facial

  • Purifying facial

  • Brightening facial
From £55

Investigative Consultation and skin analysis                                                                        £35 -  40 Mins



An in-depth analysis of your skin and consultation is the key to access the overall health of the skin. A 15-minute consultation to assess the skin, treatment recommendation and suitability for treatment is included for any new client wishing to have a facial skin treatment.

If you have any skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, premature ageing, rosacea, or if you want to address skin concerns and take the suitable approach for a healthier skin, an in-depth skin analysis system and investigative consultation is also available as a separate service.

The consultation takes an in-depth review of medical history, existing skincare routine and cosmetics, diet and lifestyle factors. A diagnostic skin analysis is used, which helps determine the skin concern (s), skin type, depth of pigmentation, moisture content and other factors which can’t be seen without tools.

A treatment plan, product advice and recommendation to care for your skin correctly will be provided following the consultation and you can expect to obtain a better knowledge about your skin.

* All of the skin treatments are customised for different skin types
* All treatments are suitable for men